Tips for Furnishing Your First Home

Published on November 3, 2017 under Tips

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Of the many milestones in your life, buying a home is one of the most exciting, especially if it's your first. And when you're purchasing your first house, there's a good chance you won't have the perfect furniture to go with it or even enough furniture to really make it feel like home. When it comes time to furnish your first home, here's a few tips to remember so it looks as beautiful as you imagined without the added stress.

Give It Time

There is no need to rush out for a new sofa on closing day. When you live in your new house for a few weeks, you get a feel for what pieces you really want in each room. Rearrange your existing furniture to see if it works better in different rooms or just facing a different direction. This is also a good time to try to sell old furniture that you know will no longer fit or that you no longer desire to keep. Furthermore, painting walls and home renovations are much easier to complete when you have less heavy, awkward furniture to move around.

Set Aside Funds For Future Furniture Purchases

In all stages of life, it's important to have a functioning budget to live by. After completing the home buying process, the new mortgage payment and unfamiliar utility charges can drastically change the monthly budget. While you're likely prepared for this if you've been approved for a mortgage, it's still not the wisest idea to take on new debt. Adding a line in your budget to help you save for specific furniture items is the best way to go. Keep track of each of the pieces you would like to purchase. Save for each one in order of priority. This way you can save up for quality items over time and pay cash for furniture that really works for you. Additionally, paying cash may get you larger discounts to really stretch your dollar at some retailers.

Do Your Research

Whether you consult an interior designer or decorate your rooms yourself, using coordinating colors and fabrics will add visual interest and comfort. Consider choosing furniture that will work with existing furniture and paint colors. It's important to also think about fabric types and where they will be used so you can make the pieces last as long as possible. Plan for the future as well. If kids or pets are in the plans, certain furniture types and materials are less suitable so you may want to consider furniture with those family members in mind.

Check Various Retailers

When you're taking your time to buy furniture, you can get the best deals while purchasing that perfect piece. Shopping sales at big box stores, surfing the websites of online retailers, browsing garage sales and estate sales, and checking local Craigslist sellers could help you find the perfect furnishings. Antique and older furniture is often more well-made than some of the furniture made today and will cost the same price. With a few minor repairs and modifications, you could end up with a dining set to last through a large number of holiday dinners in your new home.

Furniture shopping doesn't have to be stressful or finished the moment the deed is transferred. By taking your time, saving up the cash, researching your options, and shopping around, your new home can look just as you imagined when you first decided it was the home for you. If you're interested in beginning the home buying process, consider working with a trusted lender. Contact us or apply for a home mortgage today.

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