Benefits of living in an HOA

Published on May 4, 2023 under Tips

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When purchasing a home, you have lots of questions, and one of the questions you may want to think about is, do you want to be a part of an HOA?

There are some great benefits for living in an HOA community that you may want to look into when looking for a house. Not all HOA's are the same, so make sure to ask your realtor the questions when considering buying a home with HOA.

Here are some benefits of living in an HOA you may want to consider:

Keep property values high- One of the best benefits of HOA living, is keeping property values high; being in an HOA, you usually need permission to make any structural changes to a property. The HOA has control of the aesthetic look and appeal of the neighborhood, and these rules are mainly in place to make sure the community looks nice and therefore keeping property values high.

Access to community amenities- Being part of an HOA also means you have access to amenities like a swimming pool, walking trails, sports courts and neighborhood parks, these are all amenities available to the residents.

Fees are inclusive of some utilities- Some HOA's include utilities like water, gas, trash, sewer and recycling as part of your monthly dues, again, not all associations include them, so you may want to check and ask the questions as to what does the HOA cover.

Reduce your responsibilities- The fees you pay for in an HOA can go towards services like landscaping, snow removal, pest control, and repairs to the outside of the building. These are all items you don't need to worry about or contract for yourself.

Not having to deal with bad neighbors- Living in an HOA community also means there are rules and regulations that everyone must abide by. Meaning, if a neighbor is hosting a loud party and is in violation of one of the HOA rules, then you have the ability to do something about it. You don't even need to confront them yourself; the HOA has many ways to enforce the HOA rules and regulations and can be handled for you.

Becoming part of a community - You'll have lots of opportunities to be part of social activities where you can interact with people and get to know your neighbors; your children can make friends as they share the common amenities like at the pool or the playground.

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