Asset Depletion and Asset Dissipation Loans

Is an Asset Depletion Loan Program right for me?

To understand an Asset Depletion Loan Program, you must first understand what Asset Depletion is in general. Asset Depletion, which is also known as Asset Dissipation, is what you get when your liquid assets are calculated using a specific formula to provide you with monthly income for qualifying. The income may also be added to any additional monthly income currently being received. This method of qualifying helps you obtain a mortgage loan when you have limited sources of employment income, but substantial assets. First Savings Mortgage offers Asset Depletion Loan Programs.

Factors that could make you a good candidate for an Asset Depletion Loan Program:

As you can see, assets can in fact assist you in getting a mortgage. Asset Dissipation loans vary in many forms an depending on your situation. For this reason, your APR, specific loan type, rate, payment plan, and fees will all be determined after all the calculations of your assets are concluded.

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