Why Move to Annapolis, Maryland?

Published on December 1, 2020 under Tips

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A Brief Introduction

Annapolis, Maryland's capital, is a beautiful city with some gorgeous views, a wonderful past, and lots of opportunities. It was founded by Puritan exiles from Virginia in 1649, and "Anne's City" is named for the last Stuart monarch of Great Britain. It is located 25 miles south of Baltimore and about 30 miles east of Washington, DC. Annapolis stands on the north shore of the Severn River flowing into Chesapeake Bay, and is known as the Sailing Capital of the US.

Annapolis has so much to offer its residents and welcomes newcomers from all over. It has strong links to our nation's founding, being the seat of the Second Continental Congress, was our nation's capital city from 1783 to 1784, and it was here that George Washington resigned his commission as commander of the Continental Army a month before Britain recognized our independence. For a copy of the City Visitor's Guide, just click here.

Great Things to Do

Boats and Boating

As the Sailing Capital of the U.S., let's begin with the popular sailing excursions on Chesapeake Bay. Most cruises and charters are boarded at Annapolis Harbor in downtown. You can choose anything; from narrated historic tours to sunset sailboat cruises, to fully equipped fishing trips - Annapolis is sure to please the sailor within you.

If you or your kids want to learn to sail, then this is the place. If you want to become an expert racing yachtsman, then Annapolis is definitely for you. Many people just want to watch, learn, and buy, so from April to October there are many boat shows and regattas. The three most famous are the US Sailboat Show, which draws crowds from all over the world, the US Powerboat Show, which is hailed as America's largest, and you can make April a real treat by visiting the renowned Bay Bridge Boat Show. In addition to these and many other shows and regattas, every Wednesday you can race your sailboat or sit and watch others parade down Ego Alley.

Parks and Play

Annapolis offers many land-based recreational spots as well as aquatic ones. Here are just five for you to check out. Click each one for more detail about where they are and everything you and your family can do in them.

Sandy Point State Park offers swimming, fishing, crabbing, and is a great place to just go and relax as the 786 acres of land gives you lots of space to picnic. Jonas Green Park Trail also offers boating as well as walking. Hiking, biking, birdwatching and kids' playgrounds all await you at Kinder Farm Park. If you are a member of a non-profit youth organization, then Thomas Point Park is perfect for you and your team. Quiet Waters Park is perfect for walks through forestland and open fields, or to picnic as you watch your kids enjoy the playground.

With so many options to choose from, there's no excuse for anyone not to venture out into nature and soak in all of its glory. As previously mentioned, all of the surrounding public parks located in the area serve as amazing recreational opportunities for adults and children alike. Families looking to escape and develop new hobbies for their children to divert their attention from screens and social media will surely benefit from Annapolis's natural offerings.

History and Culture

Annapolis offers so much for everyone who loves learning about how our nation came to be. The US Naval Academy Museum is a must-see attraction. The exhibitions include everything from model ships to naval military engagements, uniforms through the ages to medals our heroes have won.

The William Paca House is a national historic landmark. William Paca signed the Declaration of Independence while he owned this glorious Georgian mansion. The gardens are magnificent! The Maryland State House is also packed with history and is the oldest state house still in use by a legislature. If you love fine decor and American architectural history, then Hammond Harwood House is for you.

Maryland's African-American history is preserved in The Banneker-Douglass Museum, documenting and interpreting, and promoting Maryland's African American history and culture. It serves as a valuable reminder of the nation's troubled past when it comes to African American history, something we all need to be educated on.

The School System

Every parent wants to know about the schools and colleges they may choose for their children. Annapolis is part of Anne Arundel County Public School System. The public schools serve more than 83,000 students from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade with a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1. To indicate the quality of Annapolis's schools, they score above average achieving, for example, A- for college prep, B+ for academics, B for clubs and activities, and A- for diversity. They have an average graduation rate of 89% (stats taken from niche.com). Having a wide range of good quality schools helps to make it easier for parents choose a neighborhood that is right for them and their children.

After graduating high school, it is good to know that Annapolis is well-served by different, high quality colleges and universities. University of Maryland, Towson University, and Anne Arundel Community College, Salisbury University, Frostburg State University, and Loyola University, Maryland all score As and Bs on niche.com analyses and ratings. As a parent, consider your bases covered when it comes to your child's education, as Annapolis can provide your kids with the proper education they need to form a strong foundation during crucial developmental years. The Anne-Arundel County public school system can set your child up for greatness.

The Housing Market

As well as being a fine place to live with its schools, culture, and all kinds of recreational activities, Annapolis has a strong housing market. Building wealth through homeownership is important to everyone, so check out these basic stats to get a feel for the positive housing market.

According to Zillow, house prices have risen 4.1% this year and are forecast to rise 7.2% next year. Annapolis' 2020 Comprehensive Plan has some exciting details about how the City will develop in the next few years. It will focus on ". . . protecting and enhancing neighborhood health, supporting economic growth and diversity, and ensuring that the local environment is resilient." This implies a positive situation for housing and homes for the foreseeable future. Maryland Realtors monthly housing statistics for September (latest figures at time of writing) show:

  • Median house price of $340,000, up 10.4% from 2019.
  • Average house price of $402,747, up 16.2%
  • Home units sold stand at 9199, up 23.1%
  • Active inventory stands at 10,117.

Major takeaways from these numbers are that house prices have risen consistently and are forecast to keep rising. The market is active with a high number of homes available for sale, comparing nicely to the ones which have sold. So, when moving to Annapolis, you should have a fine choice from which to select your new home.

The Job Market

Annapolis has many job opportunities. areavibes's recent statistics show the city's per capita income to be 46% above the national average and the median income to be 34% above. Median household income stands at $74,187 pa. Unemployment rates stand at 3.6%, which is 28% below national average. ZIPPIA is advertising a wide range of job opportunities, so please browse the link to their website to learn more.

Key Takeaways

Annapolis is a great city with great opportunities for work, home, and play. If you are considering a move to Annapolis, please click here to contact one of our expert loan officers. We would be delighted to answer your questions, help you think through the whats, hows, and whys of planning your mortgage to make your move smooth and complete.

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