Seven Activities for Kids to Make the Most of Summer at Home

Published on August 3, 2020 under Tips

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Kids are experiencing a very different summer this year. Not only do they have to stay inside more, they also can't see their friends. But even with these restrictions in place, there are lots of options for them to have a fun-filled summer. These seven ideas will let them stay active, be creative, and explore new hobbies all from the comfort of home.

Camping in the Living Room

If you have camping gear at home, set up a tent right in the living room for a weekend make-believe forest getaway. This is a great option for kids who love the outdoors. Set them up with sleeping bags and flashlights, and turn out the lights. You can even have a little fun and spook them by playing forest sounds and the occasional wolf howl throughout the day. They can make s'mores over the stove or fireplace to complete the experience.

Grow a Garden

If you have some backyard space, you can teach kids to grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs right at home. Tomatoes, spring onions, mint, and basil are great options for a patio or plot garden, and aren't too difficult to take care of. Not only will kids learn the value of the food they eat, they'll also become more responsible. They can then cook recipes using the food they grow and become expert chefs in the kitchen.

The Floor is Lava

Take this timeless classic to the next level in your basement. Set up obstacles in the form of spinning chairs, pillows, and upside-down pots and let the kids try to make their way from one end of the room to the other. You can add to the challenge by having them race against you or each other to make it across. Raise the stakes- when someone touches lava, they have to do additional chores.

Make a Scrapbook

While kids may not be able to make exciting new memories, they can certainly reminisce on old ones. Print out or collect old photos and have them create a scrapbook of their favorite memories. They can get creative with colors, stickers, and glitter. They can also add report cards, certificates, and school projects that they are particularly proud of. This is something they can look at for years to come.

Bake Something

If your kids are fans of Cake Boss or The Great British Baking Show, they'll enjoy spending time in the kitchen making their own treats. Younger kids can help with simpler recipes like chocolate chip cookies or banana bread. You can challenge older kids with layer cakes, flan, and other more complicated delicacies. You can make this even more fun by letting them decorate their creations with frosting, sprinkles, fruit, and more.

Spa Day

Even kids could use some pampering. You can set up fun stations in the bathroom for bubble baths, nail painting, face masks, and more. This can be a great way to reward them for helping out with chores or cleaning up their rooms. They can even get dolled up afterwards for a fun at-home photoshoot. In their finest outfits and accessories, they'll feel like celebrities for a day.

Put on a Play

Let kids embrace their dramatic side by putting on a performance. They can act out scenes from movies they love, or reenact their favorite books. They can even choreograph and dance to their favorite songs. This one is a great option for busy parents- all you need is to provide them a quiet place to rehearse and you can go about your day. Then, at night, you can enjoy the results of their hard work. Make them feel like stars by setting up a stage in the living room for them to perform on.

These ideas will keep kids busy and happy. As summer comes to a close, they can make the most of their free time at home and make wonderful memories during this strange time in their lives.

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