Reasons to Move to South Carolina

Published on October 4, 2021 under Tips

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Looking to relocate your family? Want to find some place that has something for everyone? You may want to look into moving to South Carolina. If you start there, you won't want to look anywhere else! It is a great place to move to. Here are some reasons why.

Warm weather

If you are tired of cold winters full of shoveling snow, you may want to check out South Carolina. It has warm weather for most of the year. You will be able to be outside comfortably seven or eight months out of the entire year!

Slower pace of life

Many people love living down South due to their slower pace of life. Even if you live in one of the bigger cities in South Carolina, you will notice that people enjoy a slower pace than those in other cities. This can be really refreshing for those who have lived in cities up North for years.

Southern hospitality

The South, including South Carolina, are known for their Southern hospitality. There are plenty of people who aren't as friendly, but you are more likely to find those who are very welcoming and glad to see you. In fact, it has been ranked as one of the friendliest states in our country.

Lower cost of living

South Carolina is known for its lower cost of living. In fact, the cost of living is seven point three percent lower than the national average.

Beaches and mountains to enjoy (even on the same day if you wanted to). South Carolina has some wonderful beaches, which it is widely known for. That being said, it is also known for its glorious mountains. They are even close enough that you could get from one to the other in about a day.

Cities and country life

No matter where you want to live, you can find it in South Carolina. There are plenty of cities that you could enjoy, both to live in and enjoy. Some of the biggest ones include Charleston, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Rock Hill, Greenville, and more. There are plenty of suburbs and smaller towns that are great for raising families, along with rural life, if that is what you prefer!

Plenty of ways to enjoy nature

South Carolina has forty-seven state parks, totaling more than eighty thousand acres of land that you are free to explore.

If not, there are plenty of other things to do. South Carolina has quite a range of things that you can do. If you enjoy fishing, there are some great spots that you can try. There is horse racing, along with Darlington Raceway for those who enjoy racing with motors. There are plenty of music and art festivals held throughout the year. There is shopping, golf, outdoor activities on the lake, and much more. Barbecue is a way of life down here too!

South Carolina is a great place to move. Many run to its beaches, mountains, and warmer weather. Others enjoy a slower pace of life, along with good Southern hospitality. You can't find that up North! It is also known for its cost of living. It is much cheaper to live in South Carolina than many other states.

That being said, the real estate market is similar to other places all over the United States. There are homes for sale, though the good ones go quickly. Because of that, you need to be pre approved and ready to move on to a place, once you start looking. If you are serious about getting preapproved and finding a good mortgage for your new home, you need to contact First Savings Mortgage today. You will be glad that you did!

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