Preparing Your Home for an Efficient, Affordable Summer

Published on July 1, 2022 under How-To

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Summer is the hottest and most active time of the year. Whether you have kids enrolled in summer camp or you're constantly out and about taking advantage of warmer weather, during the summer we are constantly on - and so is the AC. If you want to keep your power bills low, avoid repair calls to the house, and stay on your toes for summer activities, a little home preparation goes a long way.

You can make this summer more affordable, energy efficient, and fun with a simple checklist.

Prevent Summer Repairs

Does your home typically need a repair or two in the summer? You can put off that expense and hassle with a little preventative maintenance instead.

Clear the Gutters

Get a gutter cleaning tool or, if it's safe, get up on the ladder and scoop the fresh summer foliage from out of your gutters. A gutter guard might be the perfect home upgrade if you're feeling handy.

Scrub the Deck

If you have a wooden deck, keeping it clean from both dust and moisture is key. Sweep and scrub the deck every few weeks to keep moist soil from building up in (and slowly eroding) the joints, and to keep those deck boards smooth and warm under bare feet.

Check the Foundation

If you have flower beds that border the foundation, take a look and make sure neither soil nor moisture are gathering against the stone. Moist soil or pooled water can slowly cause foundational damage.

Have the AC Inspected

Your AC is about to be working its hardest during the mid-summer months. Make sure it's up to the task and avoid a costly emergency AC repair by calling for an inspection instead. Many HVAC teams will offer a free assessment, and getting a tune-up early can cut that repair bill by a fraction.

Keeping Cool and Energy-Efficient

Speaking of AC, the energy efficiency (read: good air seal) of your house will determine the cost of your power bills this season. Here are a few easy home tasks that will keep your home cool and affordable all summer.

Replace the Weather Stripping

Check the weather stripping around doors and windows that open. This rubber and fabric seal helps keep conditioned air in and seasonal air out, summer or winter. A quick replacement can ensure your doors and windows don't leak temperature.

Re-Caulk the Windows

For windows (and sections of windows) that don't open, grab a caulk gun and lay a new bead around the edge. You can stop windows from rattling and ensure they stay sealed up for efficient power bills.

Change the Air Filter

Always change your air filter at least once per season, if not once a month. This makes sure your air quality stays high and your HVAC doesn't clog with dust when the filter fills up.

Have the Attic & Roof Inspected

You may also be losing cold through the attic or untended roof breaches. Have your attic and roof inspected - again, there are often free assessments from local teams - and make affordable plans for any improvements or repairs that would improve your home's energy efficiency.

Streamline Summer Adventures

Finally, make sure your home is ready for summer adventures.

Arrange Furniture for Floorspace

Make room in your furniture arrangement. Prioritize wide walking spaces and open rooms instead of the cozier enclosed styles we like in the winter. Pull the couches to the walls or define the best avenues for practically running through the house to meet your summer schedule - or make room for exuberant kids and pets.

Put Down Mud Rugs

To protect the floors from summer adventures, put down mud rugs if necessary. Heavy-duty rugs can protect both hardwood and carpets from adventure-covered feet and paws.

Go-Bags for Summer Activities

Have go-bags ready for any summer activity. This is finally where you can use all those extra tote bags. Pack one tote for the gym, another for the pool, for day-camp, for your summer pottery class - anything the family will be doing on the go, pack one tote for the activity or for each person.

Is your home ready to withstand the activity of summer adventures and efficient summer cooling? With this checklist, it will be. For more great home tips, from finding and financing your new home to enjoying every minute as a homeowner, contact us today.

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