If You Are Considering Home Solar Panels, Here Are a Few Things You Should Know

Published on August 2, 2022 under Tips

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Solar panels are undeniably cool. They allow you to harness the sun's power to power your home off the grid and save money on your electric bill. However, installing solar panels on your roof is not an easy decision; it can take a lot of time and money to get up and running with such a significant project. Whether you are interested in installing solar panels on your existing home or are looking to buy a home that already has them installed, here is everything you need to know.

Installing Panels

If you are adding solar panels to a house for the first time, there are many aspects to consider, from preplanning to what you have to do after installing them.


Before making your first phone call, there is a lot of research to do, starting with your roof. If your roof is too old or damaged, you may need to replace it before installing solar panels. In addition, any trees hanging over your home and potentially blocking the sun from the panels must be trimmed or removed.


Once you have determined that you can install solar panels, the real work begins. It would be best to determine your energy needs and whether solar panels will meet your usage. You will also need to check with your HOA to ensure you can have solar panels and a storage battery on your property. Another part of the decision process is determining whether you want to buy your solar panels outright or lease them. The entire process takes a few months, but the installation only takes a few days.


After the panels are installed, there is still some work to do that will benefit you in the long run. First, check for local, state, and federal rebates that may get you some money back for your purchase. Have your home appraised since solar panel installation will increase the value of your home. Finally, research the proper care of solar panels to ensure they work at peak efficiency.

Buying a Home With Panels

If you buy a home with solar panels installed, you may wonder what you are getting into. The solar panels will likely increase the home value making it cost more upfront, but many benefits will make that cost worth it. Here is what you need to know about solar panels that have already been installed.


The most significant benefit you will get is energy savings. Depending on your energy consumption, you may be moving into a home that doesn't have an energy bill, saving you hundreds a month.


Knowing how to maintain your solar panels is vital to ensure they continue working at peak performance. When buying the house, you should ask how old the panels are to know when they will need to be replaced. New solar panels need to be replaced every 25 to 30 years, so you will likely have plenty of time with the current panels on the house.


Considering the pros and cons of buying a house with solar panels installed, one thing you should consider is the benefits of solar panels beyond cost savings. Not only are they better for the environment, but they are an off-grid safety net that protects you in an emergency. As energy grids in the U.S. decay and natural disasters increase, it will give you peace of mind that your family will always have electricity.

The Pros and Cons of Solar

Installing solar panels is not an investment that should be taken lightly, but it is an investment. They will increase the value of your home and hopefully pay for themselves over time through energy savings. The benefits of solar for the environment and in your home are numerous, and you will come to love this increasingly popular technology. Solar installation is not as expensive as it once was, and many homeowners may be surprised to find it is more affordable than they think.

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