How to Safely Find Your Perfect Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published on November 2, 2020 under Tips

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost every aspect of American life. The process of finding a home you love at this time is quite different, primarily because players in the housing market have had to adjust to changes brought about by the pandemic. Consequently, both social distancing and adequate hygiene measures are of utmost importance to keep in mind while finding your ideal home.

Should I Continue to Hunt for My Ideal Home Even During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Many prospective homebuyers are weighing whether to stay on the hunt for the perfect home or to put it on hold for the moment. However, when you consider that personal timing is more vital than market timing in the home hunting process, you may conclude that the pandemic should not halt your plans. Here's why you need to stay the course and play your cards right in searching for your perfect home:

  • Mortgage Rates Remain Near Record Lows - With the expert help of a mortgage company, owning a home at the current mortgage rates is a low-hanging fruit for you as a prospective homeowner
  • Contactless Property Transactions - With the current health crisis, your safety comes first. You don't have to walk through each home that catches your eye or physically meet each seller since more transactions have shifted online
  • Buyer Competition in the Housing Market is Down - Since most buyers are reluctant to take up the opportunities presented by the pandemic, you can seize the moment

How to Find a Perfect Home Safely During COVID-19 Pandemic

Look for Homes Online Using a Property Finding Site

Instead of waiting around, jump-start the process of finding your perfect home by taking your search online. With changes in the current business environment, most savvy sellers have shifted their focus to the online market space to find eager buyers. Break the traditional habits of house hunting and skip the health risks of physically finding a home by taking advantage of the increased number of dependable property search websites and mobile applications available to you.

Take Virtual Tours on Your Favorite Listed Properties

Since COVID-19 has shifted how house tours are conducted, home tours have gone virtual as more sellers release videos online to attract clients. You may now view photos of listed homes and even take a video tour of a property you like virtually without the potential health risks that come with touring a house in person. Ensure an interactive floor plan informing you of the home's features is made available as you explore the digital footage of the available properties.

Have a Look at Homes in the Neighborhoods You Like

Experts point to the importance of checking not just the listing you are interested in but the neighborhood where it also lies every time you are hunting for that perfect home. Online tools such as Google Earth and Google Maps come in handy to help you get a feel of the vicinities of your potential new home.

Working with a Safe Realtor

Working with a realtor makes home hunting a quicker, more comfortable, and safer process. With the current health crisis, working with a realtor that is keen on going contactless is vital. Fortunately, a regular one-on-one meetup is off the cards for many realtors who are resorting to Covid-safe plans such as virtual interviews when introducing themselves to you and dropping the use of tons of paperwork, making transacting with them safer.

A Contactless Visit If You Have Must Have In-Person Viewing

If seeing the house in person is an absolute must before closing the deal, you will need to reach an agreement with your realtor on safety measures ahead of time and practice social distancing throughout the showing.

Once you safely find the perfect home, receiving cheaper financing is the only thing standing between you and receiving the key to the house. When the time to buy comes, First Savings Mortgage is a reliable partner that you can trust to support you bringing your dream to reality and closing the deal remotely. Ready to receive financing for your future home? Reach out to us today.

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