Easy Maintenance Indoor Plants for Homeowners

Published on February 7, 2022 under How-To

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Many new homeowners are looking for a way to make their new house a home. The greenery provided by plants can easily provide that lived-in feeling. Finding plants that combine the right balance of low maintenance and style can be overwhelming. Here is just a sampling of the types of plants that can meet those requirements.

Plants That Give Back to Their Owners

Aloe Plants. Aloe plants are a great addition to a new home. These succulents need very little care and upkeep and they give back so much to their owners. Aloe plants need water every two weeks in the summer and once a month in the winter. As a plant that craves the desert climate, less is more. They are great kitchen plants since the liquid inside them is often used for cuts, scrapes and burns.

Citrus Trees. Orange, lemon and lime trees don't naturally come to mind when you think of house plants, but these trees are great for indoor environments. To keep the trees to a manageable size, be sure to look for the dwarf variety of the trees. While these trees like lots of moisture, spraying them often with a spritzer will help to simulate that environment for them. They also like lots of sunlight.

Decorative Plants for All Year Round

Spider Plants. These plants are very hardy and can grow in almost any environment. Spider plants enjoy cooler temps and can be left to dry out between waterings. As they grow, it is best to prune them. You'll find that in doing so, you are left with more plants to repot. This makes it one of the most economical plants. As it grows, you gain more greenery around your house.

Snake Plants. Snake plants derive their name from their appearance. They can be anywhere from 6 inches to 8 feet tall and tend to grow straight up. The amount of light they receive directly impacts their rate of growth. It is considered a great plant for beginners with little watering. They can survive without water for up to three months, or additional care is needed.

Plants for Small Spaces

Bonsai Trees. These little gems are great for anyone who is looking for the care and upkeep aspect of gardening. Since bonsai trees, like many trees, they are really meant for the outdoors, light is very important. Bonsai trees need up to 10 hours of sunlight a day. This can be natural or fluorescent light. They also require humidity. To simulate this type of environment, frequent daily misting is recommended or provide a humidity tray for the plant.

Sweetheart Plant. These plants get their name from the shape of the leaf that blooms. It looks just like a heart. This plant is very slow growing, making it very low maintenance too. While these plants can grow to be quite tall, they can produce beautiful blooms. The plant requires low light and little water since its leaves are quite succulent.

Herbs for the Indoors

An herb wall for the indoors is the latest trend. The herb wall serves a variety of functions. They provide an interesting design element to any room and add a wonderful aroma to any room. They also have the added function of providing sustenance to the family that cares for them. Herb walls can be attached to the wall directly, be a series of potted plants on shelving or be planted inside mason jars. Most herbs require little care and upkeep, just sunlight and occasional watering.

Plants are a great addition to any home. They provide that feeling of warmth that only greenery can provide. Whether you are looking for a plant to decorate a space or one that provides food for the family, you can find a plant that suits your level of green thumb.

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