Adding Value to Your Home with Exterior Additions

Published on August 2, 2021 under Tips

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The value of your home is determined by a few key factors. First is your region and neighborhood, then is maintenance and square footage. Next is the luxury of the house calculated in features and both finished and unfinished spaces. A home with more space to enjoy life and beautiful comfort that buyers can appreciate will naturally have a greater value in the housing market. One of the best ways to increase your home's value is exterior additions. If your home is already wonderful and well-maintained on the inside, add a splash of luxury and relaxation with your choice of exterior additions to the house.

Not only can these additions enhance your own enjoyment of your residence, an addition can be a profound increase to the home's value both today and in the future when you choose to sell. Let's dive into the types of exterior addition and how they add value to the home.

Building a Deck

A deck is a raised outdoor living space ideal for the backyard or a wrap-around design for the whole house, traditionally made of wood slats, modern deck materials are even better at resisting weather and rot while still offering that beautiful look and feel of stained wood deck boards. A deck adds value to the house by expanding the effective square feet of the living space and making your backyard more inviting as a place to linger and enjoy the outdoors. Decks are a known way to improve the asking price of a house as it is a large, attractive, and useful external addition to the home.

Expanding the Front Porch

Front porch renovations are a common way to boost your curb appeal and your home value. Many front doors are unadorned and if there is a porch, it is simply built. A few additional columns and a small roof extension can transform your front porch from drab to awe-inspiring. Your home will look more impressive from a distance and more welcoming up close.

Pouring a Patio

Want more outdoor space without a raised deck or porch? Pour yourself a patio or lay a patio with large paving stones. Patios often extend from the pack porch but you can lay a patio anywhere you like in the landscaping. Paving stones are an attractive (and versatile) way to expand the paved areas of your landscaping and define a few nooks for reading or play. A patio can also help transform a plain yard into a realm of beautiful landscaping.

Screened Porches and Sun Rooms

A screened porch is halfway between a deck and a living room. Start with a covered porch or deck, then hang screens or even mount sliding panels along the open sides. This gives your porch the safety of walls and additional protection from the weather. At the same time, you can still enjoy the warm natural breeze and bask in the afternoon sunshine.

Screened porches are more valuable than decks for your home because they expand the indoor-outdoor living space and are often used as outdoor living rooms.

Second Story Balconies and Decks

Want something grand and impressive as an exterior addition? Try adding a second-story balcony or deck. A balcony catches the eye and draws a viewer's gaze upwards. They're also a great deal of fun to relax or socialize on, with a great view of the neighborhood or local wildlife. You can build up from an outside deck or you can renovate a door into your second story to give interior access to your balcony as well. If you have a small balcony, you can also choose to expand or wrap it for more elevated exterior space.

Rooftop Living Space

Lastly, if your roof design can support it, you can even build living spaces on the roof. A Captain's Walk or rooftop porch and garden are wonderful additions to the home that are sure to delight and inspire future buyers. If you want an unusual and fantastic exterior addition to boost the value of your home, consider adding to the roof.

Exterior additions are usually more affordable and more impressive than interior renovations. If you're looking to wow buyers on their first approach or just impress neighbors and passively improve the value of your home, exterior additions are a great choice. For more insights on home value and how to create the best value for your home, contact us today!

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