5 Tips for Furnishing Your Home the Smart Way

Published on September 4, 2018 under How-To

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So you've found your dream home or maybe you just finished some renovations. Congratulations! But now, you have to figure out the best way to furnish your home. You want to make sure that your new space is inviting for you and for guests. You want it to shine with your own personal style, but you want it to satisfy function as well as form. You also want to have quality furnishings that you will not have to replace any time soon. How do you do that? Where do you start? Here are a few suggestions to help you to be smart about furnishing your home.

Make a Plan

The first thing you need to do is make a plan. A plan takes time and consideration. You should look at those glossy home and garden magazines. Consider the space and what you will need and take measurements. Keep a notebook to take notes. You will put ideas like, "I need a china cabinet," in there. You may also paste into your notebook things from the magazines that you like. You will also keep measurements, color swatches, etc. Take this notebook with you when you go furniture shopping. Furniture may not be as big an investment as your house, but it is still pretty big. You shouldn't go making the decisions willy-nilly.

A Place for Everything

Go through your house and really look at the space. Think about what activities will happen in which spaces. This will help you to determine what furniture you need. It will also help you determine what you can fit in your space. You might like the idea of owning a china cabinet and may even find one you adore, but, do you need a china cabinet? Do you really have space for it?

What Appeals to You-- and the People You Live With

This is where planning makes the most sense. There are so many beautiful pieces of furniture out there. You can't have them all. Deciding on your own personal style will help you narrow the field. Do you like the flair and detail of Louis XVI or the simplicity of the Shaker style. Maybe you will mix and match. The style or styles you choose should be classic enough that they will not go out of style quickly. Also, if you do not live alone, you do not get to make this decision alone. You will not be the only person who has to live with the consequences.

Take Time to Consider

When you do find something that you like, take time to think about it. Don't rush into anything. Take a picture of it and take its measurements. Will this piece fill a need? Where will you put it? Take your picture home and consider the item in the space. If, after a good night's sleep, you are still thinking about it, then go and get it.

Pay for Quality

There is plenty of junk out there. At first glance, much of it looks pretty. Take time to do a closer inspection. Make sure any furniture that you buy will stand the test of time. Like most people you probably cannot afford to buy new furniture every year or two. Make sure you are getting pieces made from solid wood and not laminated particle board. You may pay more, but it is well worth the investment.

When you are trying to decide on the best way to furnish your home, do not be afraid to take your time. You should be looking for furniture that fulfills a purpose. It should meet your needs and fit your home. It should suit your style and, it should be a good enough quality to last. Being smart about your furnishings will ensure that you have a beautiful space for many years to come.

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