10 Ways to Freshen up Your Home in the New Year

Published on January 4, 2022 under Tips

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New Year's is a great time to take on a fresh perspective for the year ahead, and refreshing your home is a great way to give yourself that new perspective. Start fresh with deep cleaning and creative changes to every corner of the house. Dive into dusty corners and breathe new life into your living spaces with these 10 tips to freshen up your home in the new year.

1. Create New Spaces by Rearranging Furniture

Rearranging furniture is a quick and simple way to spark your mind with inspiration. Challenge yourself to imagine new room layouts; new ways your furniture can create a warm, welcoming, and stylish home space, from your private bedroom to the family living room. Face a different window. Place furniture against or opposite a different wall. Even rearrange the rooms where you place each piece of furniture. There are so many opportunities that come when you change your perspective!

Now is also a great time to get rid of pieces that are shabby, refinish old furniture, and buy one or two new pieces to perfect your new use of space.

2. Add a Splash of Color

Color is a great way to see your home - and your life - in a new light. You can bring color into any room with fun accent pieces like throw pillows. Reinvent old upholstery with fitted couch and chair covers that more perfectly suit your new color scheme. If you're feeling in a DIY mood, put down the drop-cloths and paint yourself a stunning accent wall.

3. Hang Photos and Prints

Are your walls bare? Take the initiative to frame a few photos and your favorite prints. Printed art is both higher quality and more affordable than ever before. Make your walls beautiful and bring your favorite memories to life with just a little attention to wall decor. With artful and strategic placement, you can reinvent any wall space and the room it frames.

4. Go After Dust in Unseen Places

Take on the hidden dust. Moving your furniture and new decor is also the perfect time to refresh your home from unseen grime. Wipe your air vents, get into the deep corners, and explore underneath counters and appliances. These are the spaces where dust can hide and redistribute into your home. With everything clean, you'll experience a true home refresh in the new year.

5. Re-Caulk Everything

Grab your caulk gun and go after every loose fixture. Re-caulk your window frames to increase energy efficiency and stop rattling panes. Re-caulk your bathroom to better secure the tub, sink, and toilet and replace old flaking caulk from the past.

6. Clear and Redecorate Surfaces

Surfaces in the home tend to get cluttered and set in their ways. Refresh the entire way you use and see your home by redesigning every surface. Clear away both clutter and your last centerpiece or art design to start fresh. Find or create new centerpieces by finding inspiration on Pinterest that will wow your guests next time they come over.

7. Brighten the Floor with a Rug

Sometimes, all it takes to reinvigorate a room is a gorgeous rug. This can be a simple rug, an elegant rug, or even a fun play-room rug. Add your splash of color to the floor. Unify your room design with the perfect rug or give the room an all-new personality with your choice of rug designs.

8. Reinvent Your Bedding Design

Bedding can also make a big difference in both how you see and how you experience your home design. There are so many interesting comforters and elegant sheets to choose from. Get a new set of bedding and make the bed in a new way. Just changing the direction and design of your typical sleep surroundings can better prepare you to take on the challenges of the new year.

9. Draw Your Goals: Whiteboards and Blackboard Paint

Looking for a cross between a stunning wall and a space to list your daily tasks? There are two great options in your home refresh. The first is to hang a whiteboard in a place like the kitchen or office. Use it to write your task lists, express your artistic talent, and more. An alternative is to hang a gorgeous (if black) chalkboard design for the whole family. Use liquid chalk to decorate your new accent blackboard wall in any room.

10. Hang Fresh New Window Treatments

Finally, don't forget your windows. The way you frame and blind your windows gives life and personality to every other aspect of the room. Boring old blinds and drapes may be a household tradition, but new curtains or cloth blinds are inexpensive and very convenient if you try them. Give your window treatment design an exploration of the entirely new look and feel that can be created with just the right curtains. Looking for more ways to take on the new year with great planning and a fresh perspective? Contact us today.

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